Technical Help!! mystery grinding noise from front RHS

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Technical Help!! mystery grinding noise from front RHS


Mar 19, 2005
hi folks, i got a 75000 mile B which has had a hard life being bashed around the city. At freewheel, there is a mechanical grinding noise from the drivers front wheel kind of like a very loud "HMMMMMM-Pause-HMMMMM-pause etc" as the car rolls and its getting louder.
Its noisy at low speeds too, when in gear, just more pronounced when i roll up to the parking space.

i dont wanna break down so i gotta fix it.
I had a look at the CV joint and couldnt see anything wrong, and also had my swedish MOT where they wobble the wheels like mad, and it seemed ok.
Im hoping its the wheel bearing (oh please) (or even a bent disc protector)not anything else expensive.
I confess, Watson, Im mystified.

any ideas? anyone else had this?:cry:
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Hi, did you ever find out what this was? I've got a similar problem and think it's the inside/outer edge of the disc touching the caliper but difficult to be certain because it's not particularly loud and only noticeable at about 20mph. It only started after I changed my winter tyres to summer, but definately not a tyre rubbing or heat shield. :confused:
Sounds like the wheel bearing. Does the noise change when you turn left or right ? After a 30 min drive, feel the alloy wheel on both front sides to see if one alloy is warmer then the other. If the side thats making the noise is warmer, then something is rubbing and creating heat.