Help me dents in Seicento roof after accident

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Help me dents in Seicento roof after accident

Mar 19, 2007
I had an accident in May when someone run into the back on my Seicento. The car has been in and out of the Tesco recommended repairer and checked by an engineer after much shouting,just trying to get the basics correctly done. But I am left with dents in my roof, 3 on either side of equal distance apart and level with each other. The engineer says this is not normally as a result of the type of accident that I had, but they were not their before. Can anyone help or is there an expert I can see as I am concerned about my families safety.

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im not to sure what them dents could be but i hope you get them sorted

If the dents were not there before the accident, and were a result of the accident, then the insurance company are legally obliged to return your car to its pre-accident condition, or otherwise despose of the claim (ie write the car off and pay you out for it). To be honest, its dificalt to say without pictures etc if this would cause a potential safety risk to you and/or your family, however, from a normal rear end shunt, any deformation to the roof would indicate to me that there is possible structual damage been caused. Either way, do NOT sign anything from the repair shop to accept the condition and repairs to your vehicle. You have a right to despute it.

Hope that is of some help, post up some more pics and details of the accident, such as what hit you, at what estimated speed etc and we may be able to help further.

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Not sure what speed the car was doing, but enough to dent rear door and push in rear panel and move me up the road with my foot on the brake and in gear, most of the impact was on the bumper. I was hit by a Punto Sporting. Too dark for pics, but if you imagine the roof being about 5 foot long, the dents are on the far left and far right approx (standing at the back) 4ins in, 2 1/2 foot in and 4ft 6ins in on both sides in exactly the same points. Could be weld points and dents are minor and look like the vehicle has squashed very slightly but the car has been on a jig (so they say).
Ok, think i'm with you. To be honest it sounds like the bodyshop are rubbish and just trying to fob you off. If I were you my approach would be:
1. Contact your insurer and tell them that you are not happy with the work and the vehicle is STILL damaged and that you feel they are trying to fob you off. The take it to anotehr bodyshop and get their opinion.
2. Get some photos taken in the daylight and then post them on here and keep them for proof should you need to take this any further with the insurance company etc.

Dont forget, we all pay alot for our insurance these days, and when we have an accident, the least we expect is to have our car returned to how it was before the accident.
I may be over reacting with this, because obv its your car and as the owner of the car you always notice things like dents a lot more than anyone else would, but if i were in your position and had 2 dents in my roof after an accident, this would be the route i would be going down.