HELP i need a new job

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HELP i need a new job

Big Black Stilo

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Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
Right, my jobs getting sh!t and basically been told more work on way but no higher pay.

Been trying to move on up for ages but employers dont wanna know.

Been working in banking and mortgages for 2 1/2 years, I have good GCSEs, Alevels and a degree.

Been looking on monster but anyone else any recomendations?
If you fancy sticking with banking, theres loads of different stuff you can do (Well in Barclays anyway). I'm currently considering whether to go into Corporate or Stockbrokers, but apparently Marine Finance is an awesome thing to go into. Just spend the whole time at boat shows apparently :p
sammiboo said:
Are you wanting to stick with the same path of career?

I dont know, its ok but not really that great- but could use my experience

My degree is in media technology but jobs in that field are too far and few between, and what jobs there are they are temp contracts.
Financial Marketing? Suits both your Experiance, and your degree in media technology (I assume, I'm guessing here)
To be honest mate i think that you should just stick with the job you have think about it, You will be proving your loyalty to the company which is what they like. Anyone can just turn around and say i wont do it and if thats the case no wonder people dont notice you. They just saved themselves an extra £++++ and a poor manager. If you cant do or wont do the work now what would it be like if you did get promoted. Its alot more stress full at the top with more work aswell.
Some people think that nobody ever notices them, i do all the work they dont give me the praise :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: and so on. So just do the work and if possible do extra. Show the company you are worth the extra cash and earn it.
It takes some people their whole lives to get to the top and who is to say that your next job is going to be different.

Honestly mate stick put do the extra hours ask em if you can do extra work get yourself noticed. Only leave if you dont like the job. It will work trust 2 1/2 years is nothing in a job with or without a degree

Ps i am not being a di(k in this post just saying how i believe it is. Good Luck(y)