help I can't work ebay anymore?!

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help I can't work ebay anymore?!


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Oct 22, 2004
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only just opened ebay up again after leaving it for a while, and its all different!!

my main prob is searching for stuff, I can no longer figure out how too search for...

used/new/other (item condition)

UK/EU/world etc, only search my milage from my postcode.

and worst, ended/completed listings has dissapeared!

have they gone forever (making ebay just a mess) or am I not looking in the right places :confused:
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Completed listings still there for me. Left hand side and scroll down a bit when you have a search list result on screen. Tick box and then show results.

My Ebay looks more like they changed the font and moved a few bits around. Otherwise it looks the same. Is yours a lot different from what it was? :confused:
thanks all! managed it in the end.

no my ebay (the whole thing) is completly different to before, all in different places, and different menu's etc.