Technical Help Brava 1.2 80 sx

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Technical Help Brava 1.2 80 sx


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Mar 11, 2006
Hey Everyone I am from today a Brava owner and I am puzzeled about few things that perhaps you can help me with.

My car is registered in 08/99 on a T plate, I was only given 2 blue keys and no red key or code card that the owners book refers to ??

I have tested both blue keys and they both operate the engine successfully, but I still want to know if not having the red key is considered a big risk.

what I mean by that is what are the chances of the car developping an electric problem and losing the code for example ...??

perhaps I am worrying too much .... I don't know .... but I would appreciate if you guys gave me some feedback on this.

thanks in advance :)
Do a search on the red key for fuller information

You may not ever need it, there are some not so expensive ways around it nowadays. You need it if your ECU goes into a sulk. Very expensive to replace ECU and keys from Fiat. Odds are you'll never need it

Until you do:)

I've never needed mine and I don't know anyone that has

It's illegal to sell it without the red key if you bought from a dealer by the way- sale of goods act I believe-
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Ahhh brilliant ! just the kind of responses I was hopping for :)
I was worried sick thinking that The car will be dead if I removed the battery to be recharged ...
I Got the car today and I'll have many questions to ask.. but I won't bore you guys by spilling them all in one go :D

By the way this is an excellent Forum and I shall look forwad to becoming a regular. :)

Thanks again :)