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Hello New to the forum


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Sep 4, 2007

I have been reading on here for a while and I thought i would say Hi, I have owned my chetta for 6 months now, bought off ebay, I have attached a pic.



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Hi and welcome to the forum!!

I have had my B since late May and enjoyed almost every moment of ownership......!

Word of warning, they are addictive! - once you start posting on the forum and tinkering with the car all other interests (apart from breathing, eating, drinking and sleeping) will fall by the wayside!!

Hope to see you at the next B get together but in the meantime keep posting on the forum!!

All the best LRB
Any mods on the cards webmonkie ? Had any problems with it over the last six months?

Haha where to start :eek:

I have no mods, everything is standard right down to the wheels.


1) Some times it seems like the accelerator sticks on so when you push the clutch in the rev start increasing until you release the clutch then the car just wants to drive on its own, its only happened 3 times but it did remind me of christine!

2) The windows don't go up into the roof properly which leads to a lot of wind noise.

3) Slight knocking from the left rear suspension

4) Heater on works on top setting :D

But apart from that shes brilliant.
Ha-ha - sounds like you hardly have any problems!!!

I think that you might find threads on the forum for all of the 'niggles' you mention......

Point 1 - check the return srping on the throttle body, check the cable routing and try squirting some carb cleaner into the throttle body when the engine is running.

Point 2 - Are they windy windows? If they are 'leccy check the mechanisms for signs of water ingress - not had the issue myself but have read about it a couple of times................

Point 3 - Probably bushes on the sway arms - although mine does make the odd knock now and again and I can't track it down - I will wait for it to drop off and then fix it!!

Point 4 - You only need the top setting!!!!

Great to have an orange one on the forum - hope to see you at a meet some time in the future!!