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Dec 26, 2005
Back in sunny?? Derby
Rite we have all had lengthy discussions about diet n exercise n where we are all going wrong, well some of us!!!!!!

but doing a bit of research for my bro's business, he owns a pizza shop, but like every1 else in this business recognises that ppl don't always want junk, i like to get a jacket potato and chicken n salad wen i go in.

but what about you lovely ppl????

stodgy pizza n chips or healthly jacket potato n salad what wins????
Well if its edible with in reason i will eat it never been a fussy eater :D
activematt said:
Ooooo im lovely!

Ok well im not a big fan of jacket potatoes, so id go chips and salad.........i do like a bit of salad

well he does all sorts, we are both dieters and he does healthy options of everything, he also does lasanga, spag bol, fajhitas, not spelled rite and all sorts:yum:

bless him I am so proud of him managed to loose loads of weight even tho he runs a pizza shop, that's dedication:D

just doin a bit of market research for him(y)
Basically if i wanted to lose weight i wouldnt entertain the idea of going any where near a pizza shop(the aroma would force me to enter and order a large portion of):eek:
Can honestly say the closest i get to eating healthy food while out is a 1ft long submarine from subway.(y)
Damn it, now my mouths watering! mmmmmmmmmmmm subs
:worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:
Im not keen on chips, so jacket potato will win every time. Cheese n beans, chilli con carne or tuna/sweetcorn my favourites.

Wont eat salad, do i look like a rabbit :yuck:

My diet downfalls are the occasional fairycake and the odd "relaxing" beer (n) Other than that, lots of fresh meat and veg (y)
Luke1985 said:
Wont eat salad, do i look like a rabbit :yuck:
rabbits dont like salad.
jacket potato with cheese n butter just as bad as chips.

an a brother with a pizza shop :eek: sounds like a dream that mmmmmmmm

depends which mood am in.

jacket potato an salad is gooooood most of the time

but pizza an chips is goood, generally if am hungover or being lazy :bang:

oh and also if am eatin alone or not :confused: other half isnt too keen on jackets
healthy food and pizza shop doesnt work for me.... :confused: :p

if i want pizza i will go for one, if i want healthy, i will either do myself something, or their are even healthy fast food / take away thingy places around me now that are pretty good. good on your brother for doing it tho, takes some balls to take a move along those lines in a take away food sector where its all fried etc and put money into it. i always have salad on any kebab i get or even with just chips, as a nice fresh salad is so refreshing, but i dont really have take away that often anymore, trying to get my arse into gear slowly but surely as and when work allows.

as for ideas, hows about potate and pasta salads etc??? low fat dressing etc and can be bought as part of a deal with a pizza or summin :idea:

oh and me being soo good has just eaten 6 chocie hobnobs and some pringles, and will be going back for more hobnobs
Used to be able to get some lovely jacket spuds in toronto when i lived there.
Im not saying they were healthy but they were bloody yummy! they would cook the spuds till the skins were nice and crisp:yum:Then they would scoup out all the potato and mash it with milk and butter.Next they would add your filling.I always opted for a "smasher"which was pieces of CRISPYbacon no bigger than 5pence piece and saurkraut(cheese+onion) all mixed in with the mash potato and placed back in their jackets. God they were to die for.
Trouble is in this country,is that you get ripped off with 2nd grade food at top grade prices. Ive never had a jacket spud here that was worth the money it cost!:mad:
dave said:
rabbits dont like salad.
jacket potato with cheese n butter just as bad as chips.

an a brother with a pizza shop :eek: sounds like a dream that mmmmmmmm

well there are benefits of course(y):rolleyes:

but i do have to work for my pay!!!, which is usually a jacket potato n a can of diet coke oh and don't forget the salad:eek: