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headunit ipod trouble


Nov 17, 2005
hi does any one no why when i connect my ipod up to my headunit via a mp3 lead it will only play out of the back speakers or the front not both an cant get it to play out of my sub???do i need to get a ipod connector thingy.i got the pioneer dehp70bt the bluetooth head unit any one know of any suggestions?thanks
ive played around with the sound it dont come outa my sub an my mate uses his mp3 player in his car an it works fine
Yea, i don’t know if uve fixed this mate but put the lead from ur head unit in the the line out of ur ipod. if ur doing this already and its only playing in the rear speakers then either put the lead into the head phone port, and play about with fade/balance n stuff on ur head unit.

btw wot head unit do you have?

Hope this helps? – Oddball (y)
The AUX-Input I think you're talking about on your unit has some seperate settings within the headunit menus - or at least my friends does. Might be worth having a look in the manual to see if you can find any sub-menus that deal with the AUX-Input.

Aside from this, what exactly are you plugging the cable into in the back of the headunit, an AUX-Input or phono connections? Usually if it's phono connections it will not work properly with an iPod, tried in a proper mixing desk before, it really needs to be a 3.5mm AUX-Input.

Hope you get it sorted soon :)

**EDIT**: Looking at the technical spec for your head unit it reads "iPods can be connected through Pioneer’s CD-IB100 adaptor" this is their external iPod adaptor that plugs into the bottom of your iPod and also charges the unit. In order for it to work properly you will probably need one of these.
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