Technical headlights wont turn off- mk1

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Technical headlights wont turn off- mk1

Nov 26, 2004
southend on sea, essex
my headlights stay on all the time, you cant turn them off (they go off when the ignition is off) but when it is on, there on on dipped beam, the turny switch seems to do nothing, they go on full beam still when you push the stick forwards/backwards, but the switch turny thing on the end doesnt seem to do anything, im not sure where to start looking? :? im dead sure the headlights were not on when i bought the car, and would it pass mot if headlights were on all the time? cos it passed it few weeks ago.
4 hours to fit an exhaust :eek:

well put on ramps, undo bolts on cat, snap, put off ramps go to town, get bolts, come back, put on ramps, take off cat, cant remove the exhaust from rubbers, end up hack sawing through the metal brackets, cant remove last rubber near bumper, end up cutting through rubber which took about 20 mins cos it was a 1.6 exhaust which was fat and curly and totaly in the way, finally off, fit the de-cat, hold rear section in place, de-cat was wrong one, so off came exhaust, unbolted de-cat, fitted new de-cat, held rear section in place, bolts to hold up rear bracket not long enough, remove exhaust (cant leave laying on floor someone probably steal it lol) walk to town again for longer bolts, come back, refit exhaust, do up bolts and clamp, done! lol

thats why it took 4 hours ;)