Technical headlight leveling

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Technical headlight leveling

stripey stilo

Jan 8, 2006
im having a problem in that the headlight level is to low on my car, have done a search on it and found nothin was wundering if any 1 could help me.
Are they now too low because you've lowered our car? If so you'll need to do the normal headlight beam adjustment and not rely on the levellers to compensate

Have you changed the front bulbs too?

Most MOT stations wil do your headlights for you for a small fee as it's not worth the guesswork to do it yourself
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no just had the car repaired and had a new headlight put in and its way to low compared to the other
Surely that's not another job for "the examiner":)
Can't you see any clues how to adjust it from the old headlight unit?

Too wet for me to go and have a look but aren't there any adjusting knobs/ screws you can see to move it

You can get it pretty much in place by facing the car to a whitish coloured wall and comparing the beams
the old head light unit was thrown away as it was completely smashed.
just had a look there is a long white plastic thing sticking out to put a socket on wunder if thats it