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Technical Headlamps


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Feb 19, 2006

Am considering moving to Spain permanently and taking my beloved barchetta with me. Does any one know whether the headlamps can be adjusted for the continent, or would I have to replace the headlamps with continental ones?
Any help would be appreciated (y)
Thanks in advance
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I don't think you can adjust them. DTR Motorsport in SW london (or probably even a fiat dealer) will be able to supply you with EU LHD spec lamp units.
hi, errr this is actually quite easy to do, and ive done it twice!!! bugger.
first i moved from germany to england, then england to sweden thats why i did it twice. You will need to remove both headlamp units, a space alien or capuchin monkey is hand to access the bolts (otherwise you need to take the bumper off, or have lots of extensions for access.
Be gentle on removal cos this can chip the paint around the headlamps.
You will notice in front of the headlamp is a metal plate shaped like ___/ except the ramp is not so steep as i have typed. This has to be reversed. choose your way to do this, i filed mine down and then riveted a new plate for the ramp bit, but use metal cos it has to cope with the heat!!
The main thing to do is measure (or better still make a cardboard template) of the ramp before you cut it down (duh!). then flip it around , balanced on the centre axis of the bulb.

This got me through the uk mot and swedish bilprovningen so it defo works. ben
Thanks guys for your replies will try to get hold of some eu headlamps as knowing my luck if I try modding mine I will probably mess them up. (y)