Technical Head Unit and OBDII problem.

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Technical Head Unit and OBDII problem.


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Sep 26, 2014

I purchased a Chinese quad core android 10 head unit from erisin.

and got everything working...except for one thing of course...

So the problem is that when the car is completely off, and I insert an OBDII scanner into the cars port, then the head unit wont start...

If I insert the OBDII scanner when the key is on and the head unit also is on then the display turns black...and i think the head unit stays on, but the screen just turns soon as scanner is removed the display comes instantly back.

Any ideas ?

I did one modification to the car to get all the steering buttons to work..took the key 1, key 2 and ground wires from beneath the steering column and connected it directly to the head unit. now i can assign all buttons as i please and it works...

I was testing it and putting it back as it was before..but it didn't do anything. Even removed the complete connector from the steering wheel to see if it has any impact on the obd problem..

Any help much appreciated..
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