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Sep 23, 2007
How much for Head Gasket fitting?

Hi, got a '97 punto 1.2 which needs a new head gasket. I've been quoted £250 for a new gasket fitting and head skimming. Does anyone have any idea if this price sounds reasonable or not.
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£250 not too bad depending on where you live

New gasket and bolts from Fiat probably abut £80
Skimming head about £30
Rest is labour.......... say 3 hours in total

You can do it cheaper. I got a Fiat gasket from ebay for £30 and bolts from my local Motor factors for a tenner. Local garage did the job for £100 labour [plus the headskim costs]

BUT thats not it................................
While you have it all stripped think abut all the other bits like water pump?
Cam belt change?
Cheers. Cam belt is in with that price. How prone are the water pumps to failing?
The impellers are just force-fitted onto the drive shaft and can often "slip" and then give up the ghost on you entirely. False economy not to change it while in there. Pattern pump from Motor Factors less than £20
Got the head gasket and cam belt done for£180 but mechanic said head wasn't worth skimming cos it's got some corrosion. Drives spot on for now but not sure how long it will last so if head gasket goes again, the car will be goin to the Punto graveyard as it's only worth a few hundred quid.