General Has anyone had their Panda "Angel Tuned"?

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General Has anyone had their Panda "Angel Tuned"?


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Mar 23, 2005
I have had a recent change in the location of one of my clients - and am now finding my 1.6 focus could do with a little extra grunt on my new cross country commutes.

I was intending to have the Angel Tuning folks come out - as their specs show that a 10BHP improvement is possible on the focus - and that should be enough to improve things.

However, given that the guy will have to come out to me in order to tune the focus, I was going to see if I could get a deal to do the Panda at the same time.

Obviously, there is no point in having Angel Tuning look at the Panda (deal or no deal) if there isn't much of a difference - so has anyone had their Panda Angel tuned and if so, what was the result - was it worth it?

with the panda engines, the only one that really lends itself to significant gains is the multijet - we had our panda sporting tuned via angel tuning and bhp went from 70 up to 105 and torque by a similar percentage too - massive difference driving, so much more power and grunt.

dont think the petrol engines can achieve anywhere near this sort of improvements (correct me if im wrong, anyone!)
theres generally more power to be unlocked from diesal turbo engines than there is naturally aspirated petrol engines, thats why I really wanted a GP sporting but my financial conscience told me no
Well if you are going to get Angel to do it then good choice. I know Nige from Angel Tuning through Alfa Romeo forums and his work comes highly recommended (y)
Ive become interested....apparently they can get another 10bhp and 11lb ft out of the 1.4 engine (y)
Ive become interested....apparently they can get another 10bhp and 11lb ft out of the 1.4 engine (y)

yes, but bear in mind that that increase is from the 1.4 engine in its original 95bhp spec - if you were looking at applying it to the 100hp, which has already been tuned up to 99bhp, you're looking at a less than impressive 6bhp gain!
So folk, I am picking up on the general sentiment that if you have a petrol car, be it a Focus or Panda, there is no point in getting it Angel Tuned - because I won't notice the diffrence.

Well, that's saved me getting on for 400 quid!

Thanks all - appreciate your help on this one.
certainly normally aspirated petrol cars without loads of bhp to start with usually have gains that are not worth the expense - its when there's a turbo bolted to the engine (be it petrol or diesel) that big increases can be unlocked.

definitely wouldnt bother tinkering with the 100hp just for a few bhp gain - whereas taking our mj from 70 up to that IS noticeable! :)
Is it possible to tune the multijut for even better fuel economy? The panda is my daily driver so I don't need any performance benefit, but even better economy would be nice.