Technical Handbrake pops up

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Technical Handbrake pops up


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Dec 14, 2005
My handbrake over the past week has started popping up and sometimes setting the handbrake light on.
It's like theres a sponge or something under there makign it pop up instantly after pushing it down, anyone know what it could be?
I've just tried adjusting the cable tightness but its still there.
Hope someone can help
bringing up an old thread as I'm having exactly the same problem.

When I put my handbrake down, it doesn't completely stay down. When drving it pops up a little, triggering the handbrake light.

Had the shoes replaced recently, and think the handbrake cable could be knackered.

Anyone else have the same problems or got any tips?
Had a subscription to this thread as I had the same problem last year. It only lasted about a week in the end and has never (touch wood) returned since. I know it was in the winter and a friend with a Punto also had the same problem in the winter so maybe it's to do with the cold?
on my old punto 1.1s the hand brake cable was dangling down under the car and the light on the dash kept coming on have a look and see if its cliped on ok under the car :chin:
my handbrake light sometimes flashes on when i go around a corner sharpley, but i think it may be low brake fluid.. if it isnt that could it be the handbrake dangeling down?
could very well be m8 on my old punto the plastic clips that hold it in place had snapped of the underside what u describe is what was happening to me and well it dont cost u anything to look and see(y)
jacked up the rear of the car.

even with the handbrake on, I could move one of the wheels by hand :eek:

Think the problem is there. Either the handbrake cable or something else
about 3-4 notches. don't think this is the problem. I've already checked to see if its adjusted correctly.

Hopefully I'll find out on sunday while fitting my lowering springs :D