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Technical Handbrake Light


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Oct 6, 2005
Hello, my Fiat Punto MK2 5dr has an annoying little quirk, everytime i pick my wife up from work i have to do a full lock to turn the car outside her place and every time the handbrake light comes on and stays on for about 10 seconds after i have strightend up. It only does it at the particular place, is there someting wrong with the car or is there some strange gravitation pull in the area,

advice much appriciated
Check power Steering Fluid and Brake Fluid, the handbrake light (!) is also the oil warning lights.

As you turn on full lock the cars weight will move so will the fluid, moving away from the sensor, showing its low.

Give them a check, and top up if needed.
hmallett said:
Is that place on a slope? That will exacerbate the problem.

No its a perfect flat bit of road, my car is parked on a slope during the night usually but i dont get the light, just at this particular time, i thought it may have been the handbrake rubbing or summit like that!