Ha ha Tipo pick up

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Ha ha Tipo pick up

turboned said:
i strangely drawn to it's mishapen loveliness.........

Ha ha i feel the same, think its the wheels and ride height that do it for me :cool:
I really like that, a hell of alot, even though its a five door the shape of the rear lights especially lends itself well to the rear. Id almost consider doing this to a scrapper tipo myself then putting a monster engine in it :D Coupe 20v anyone???
I love the way you can see bits of the car they've just hacked off in one of photos. I must ask why???
Yes I also think done correctly the tipo pickup would look absolutely wicked :slayer: the stilo is an example of what can be done with a little thought and creativity (y) anyone got an old stilo to chop around :p
AppleSei said:
That is digimods, he is a member on here and owns and runs that site :)

although he now owns a F*rd Festa :yuck: