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Gumball Cop

sure its a legacy? Looks like a stilo estate? Maybe with an abarth or a 2.0 20v turbo under the hood:D seems to have quite a bit of poke to it (well chase car is either a E90 M5 or the one just before it?

good vid though, just been watching thru a few gumball vids on googlevideo and this guy in the chase car wears like police uniforms (different country or force every day) when they were wearing the canadian mounty uniforms they got quite some repect and let off with quite a few things!:slayer:
the headlights are all wrong for a start annd also i dont think the stilo has coupe esq (dont know the proper name for them) doors, with no top section is what i mean.. could be wrong mind, but im fairly sure its the new legacy. see loads of them go past the office everyday on car transporters....
The person driving the 'Polizei M5' is a man called Alex Roy. The car he is in is a modded E39 BMW M5!

He is a member at