Guide Price to 75sx (3 door, black)

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Guide Price to 75sx (3 door, black)


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Feb 21, 2006
after two break in's and over 1200 worth of kit nicked overall, i've decided to part company with my punto and buy something a little newer... i.e brand new.

i was wondering what kind of price to sell the motor for, here's a few details about it.

R reg 75sx
3 door
tsw razor alloys (15")
infinity 6x9s - full wiring for sub/amp (nicked!)
will have a cd head unit to sell once the insurance coughs up
roughly 60,000 miles
colour coded bumpers
very minor dent on right front wing,
clear indicators (both front and mini side ones)
brand new centre unit (replaced after damage from theft)
steering wheel radio volume/balance/band contol (only useable with standard radio as dar as i can work it anyway)
original casette player
original wheels if wanted are available
lots of new engine bits (see below, as i've mentioned it!)
2 prev owners before myself.
oh and a sunroof.

thats all i can think of, paid £2500 for it in june 2004 (dont ask, was desperate.

on another note, the bloody thing squeels like a cricket, i've never had it properly done for fear of a huge expensive engine replacement, has anyone else experienced such a problem? almost sounds like a leak, only squeeks/squeels/hisses when in gear and on the move. plus it seems to be losing power on accelaration lately. have had head gasket some hosing etc replaced. exhaust parts, you name it, its been done. the only thing that hasnt been done is the injectors (possibly cause of the hissing?)

anyway, anyone have a rough guide price as to what they think it may be worth, in good condition with some funky purple square (tasteful - honest!) cloth interior which i havent seen in any others by the way.

anyone get back to me asap and im desperate to sell the thing and its proceeds will pay for insurance on new car.

Im gonna hit you hard. 1200 max, including the mods and that wud be on a good day
thought as much, to be honest that'd be just about enough, but i was wondering if i'd be a bit of a cowboy/hopeful to be trying to get £1400 ish? and the fact i think it may be a 'rare' ish one as im yet to see any black 3 door 75sx's with the nice interior...
rob_kent said:
thought as much, to be honest that'd be just about enough, but i was wondering if i'd be a bit of a cowboy/hopeful to be trying to get £1400 ish?

well if you are after 1200 advertise it at 1400 and then at least you know you have a bit of an allowance if you get an offer. 1200 would be what i would pay on a good day and everything would have to be mint, and you have got one of the top end puntos
i thought i did, though didnt want to get too cocksure bout the whole affair! i may slap some pictures on, i find the alloys bit embarrassing these days though, 15" hardly fills a plate, let alone the arches. but hey, its tasteful from some angles. i'm guessing theyre easy to break into? twice in a year i've had all my I.C.E nicked and it wasnt cheap :(
right well i'm off now, thanks for the advice, i'll have a pop at £1400 and hope someone round here knows no better (what a b@stard!)