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General GT Turbo Help!


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Nov 5, 2006
hey guys ill get staight to it! i need a turbo for my GT the old one is seized! :mad: also i plan to fit GT engine in my mk2 punto, me and my dad are going to do it, obviously its hard work but its a rare ive never seen a mark2 1.4GT so if anyone has done it let me know!! (will need little help with it!) but most importantly i need a new turbo standard or uprated wheres the best place to find 1 and how much am i looking at?

cheers! Dan
Can you not just get the seized one rebuilt.
A new turbo would be easiest to get from Fiat I'd imagine but it'll cost.
As for uprated...try searching on PSC....they'll be able to tell you exactly what to go for.
ive seen one mk2 punto with a 1.4gtt engine in, altho it didnt look a great conversion.. saw it on egay so its what you would expect!
but it would be different to see a turbo mk two... altho i duno what you would achive as there heavier than the mk1's if you wana decent mk2 y now a 1.8 16v nasp HGT??