Technical gt probs with windows

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Technical gt probs with windows


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Mar 1, 2007
right rescently left stereo on in car for3 -4 hours and car barely starts also got toad ai606 alarm and want to ask if i unlock my doors get in car drivers side with no key in the ignition i can use my electric window button to undo passenger window but mine wont go up or down is this normal had some probs with car so cant say if this is correct or not remember no key in ignition window still opens from inside could this be a problem and draining battery any help welcome as im liable to put my fist in this car soon as cheers.........
i wish people would split their text a bit,easier on my old eyes

get a multimeter and check the battery volts engine off with no electrics on
if it fluctuates then you can see a drain
From the info you gave above, leaving your stereo on for 4 hours would be enough to drain your battery on its own. So unless your battery keeps going flat (even when the stereo is off) then i wouldnt worry!
well on the door panels the little box which controls the windows and mirrors on drivers side the little direction arrows are lit up with no ignition on so any ideas on that and i didnt realise leaving stereo on would flatten batt thought over night yes but 4 hrs no so if door arrows are lit then i have constant live
I see. Leaving your stereo on for 4 hrs could flatten your battery depending on what head unit your running, other sound sytem attached to it, and the condition of your battery. But that lights on in the switch pannel also isnt right. You mention you got an alarm it a full closure system? (ie if you leave your windows open and then lock the car, it closes the windows for you)
do the electric windows not have a capacitor on puntos?eg they work until the drivers door is opened and the capacitor is discharged?