Technical grinding/rubbing noise Front RHS

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Technical grinding/rubbing noise Front RHS


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Aug 28, 2007
Marea 1.9 TD 100 (1998) 173K

Apart from a blown headgasket (suspected) I have this grinding/rubbing noise. front wheel driver side area. - I did think before it was the water pump related to the HG issue but the "engine off" test has shown that to be not the case.

Not there while accelerating.
Goes away when you tap the brake pedal
Occurs clutch in or clutch out
Occurs Engine running or engine off (coasting along turn off engine)

The suspected Headgasket is because of lots of air bubbles appearing in coolant bottle as soon as engine is started. If the coolant bottle cap is on tight the system pressurises really high. The air in the system eventually (I assume) blocks certain pipes off and the coolant (presumably) stops flowing, for example the interior heater goes cold.

I also just went for a short run (3 miles) to run a few tests and upon returning my coolant level has gone down with no apparent place where it left the system - I wonder if it went into the pistons... but there was no bad running, and the oil - is not milky....?
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If it went through the pistons wouldn't it have gone out via the exhaust and cat. Not good in any case.