Grass Autotest Lugton 28/08/05

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Grass Autotest Lugton 28/08/05


hi friends :waves:
Mar 12, 2003
Hi all,

Firstly apologies for no pics, forgot my camera and was nearly there when I remembered it.

Following on from last time I was timekeeping again and today there was more competitors, the SAAB was sold to another club member and some of the ex-SAAB pilots brought along an 1979 Datson 120 something or other, looked the part with stickers etc and to me sounded good but had terrible traction issues which made for some interesting testing!

The weather wasn't as good as my first go so not long ito the proceedings I donned waterproofs just incase, there was some hefty wind blowing in my face most of the dayand it wasn't warm!

To make this Fiat related a Punto 55 was taking part, a recent MOT failure had led to into the crusher waiting list but the MOT station owner seen fit to take it testing and he enjoyed it too!

The Citroen AX from last time had some gearbox issues so a stand in 205 was being used, The orange Astra wasn't competing due to lack of trailer but usual driver saw fit to compete in his road car!

rallycinq had in the dying days bought a Subaru Justy from Ebay for his Daughter to compete in (come on David, where is the rallycinq?!) it done well with it's knoblies from the rallycinq and David's t-cutting reduced the drag co-efficient somewhat!

So end of the day and all competitors had run or so I had thought, the Justy sat at the line minus a driver and I enquired to David "who's going now?" to that he replied "You!" Uh Oh, David reliquished me of my clock and assorted gear and opened the door, I was being timed too! So off I went, got round but took the wrong direction around one of the last buckets and earlier nearly went the wrong way but I corrected it at the last minute. I did however not stop within the finsh area so would have received a Baulkline penalty but I had great fun doing it.

So what was the time I hear you cry! Well bear in mind it was my first time driving a Justy and my first time around the course, I think it was either 94 or 92 seconds, wrong direction and baulkline penalty aside it was not bad considering some of the good drivers in stage prepared cars who had walked the track and had 4 attempts only could manage 83 and 84 seconds so I was fair chuffed with myself!

Another highlight of the day was again learning one of the variations of the course via the passenger seat of the Isuzu Rodeo with some help from Prodrive and with David at the helm makes for immense fun! Just remember to hang on though!