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General Grande Punto Selling Well!!!


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Apr 19, 2005
According to Auto Plus, a weekly French car magazine, the Grande Punto was Europe's best seling car for the month of January! It has sold about 3500 units in France for January and February, so it is on target to meet its sales quota of 22000 units sold in France for 2006. In the same issue it mentioned that Fiats were among the least-stolen cars in France. The leader in that catagory is the Renault mini, the Twingo with the first generation Clio in third place.
what the leader in the stolen car catagory?

Got to admit the twingo is super chiq though, I'd love one, but I'd have to have a RHD:eek: its kind of like one of those playschool plastic cars with red and yellow roofs (you all know the ones;) ) but with an engine (of sort:p )
The leader in the most stolen category in France is the Renault Twingo. A new Twingo is in the works. It will be based on the Clio 2 platform so there is a chance it will be sold in the UK.