Styling Going to Italia next week.

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Styling Going to Italia next week.


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Apr 26, 2007
Anyone know of any neat Styling stuff sold in Italy that will fit a right hand drive GP? Plan to visit Modena, although we are staying in Sorento. A week's break is Modena and maybe Rome on seperate days a reasonable proposition by train? Rest of the time will be visiting the WW2 beaches of Salerno where my late Dad got wounded and the usual Pompeii etc visits.
i would have thought all the exterior mods would fit, and most of the interior ones. the lhd suzuki ignis sports engines were mounted different so the supercharger didn't fit, maybe its the same with the GP??
Well! Back from Italia now and I wouldnt drive there for a Lottery win! :eek:
90% of cars are street warriors with passenger sides caved in and a multitude of bangs and scrapes! Mopeds and scooters buzzin round with anythin from 1 to 4 people of all ages on board! Manic, and didnt see a single FIAT place for any modded bitz!