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May 8, 2005
this is a really difficult one so i really dont want to slip up here.

i have been 'seeing' a girl i was working with (until i lost my job), and we are still going out and doing stuff now (nothing sexual).

i havent been able to tell if she is attracted to me or she's just the niced girl i've ever met and does only want to be friends, just to make it more complicated she has a boyfriend and has been with him for...well getting on for 2 years now.

on thursday we went bowling and played in the arcade etc in hollywood bowl which was great fun, i suggested bowling and it was agreed that we would go.

today we were chatting and i asked when we would next be going out and she said soon but she has been ill recently so it will be when she is better, i said to her that it was her turn to choose somthing for us to do and she suggested of all things going to the Cinema....

well now i'm really confused, how am i ment to know if she really just wants to be friends or if she is really trying to drop the hint that she's attracted to me :confused:

Please help,
Ryan Edge
Dude to be honest, cinema is a good place to tell. If shes cuddling into you and wantin to be close then u know she likes you. Obviously if shes keeping her distance then shes yourt friend.

However, she has a boyfriend, so do u really want her to like you? Because if she's prepared to go behind his back to see/like you then what kinda girl is she really? Obviously if u are just friends then thats her choice but i would carefully consider what the after effects might be.

Id just act like she was attracted to you, if she says she isnt then youve just mis-read the signals... only human after all.
You could always try the subtle approach, you don't have to go straight in with a "Truth or consequences" style question.

How about holding her hand when you're walking along together, and watch for her reaction. Don't make it obvious you're looking for a reaction - don't stare at her or the like, and don't suddenly stop the conversation waiting for a reply.
why do people make things so complicated, or is it just me being ginger :p

ask her as some one suggested the worest she can say is no. if she says no then it doesnt have to jeopardise your friendship im best friends with my X. its a quick way to find out too, rather than it playing on your mind.
Good advice dude, but some people cant handle rejection. Personally, i dont handle rejection too well either. I think its cause u must like someone alot to risk bringing it up with them, so when u ask u do want to hear the right answer....

Just a quick point, usually if 2 people like each other then the chemistry takes over and nuthing usually needs to be said!