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General German Colours!

Black is black (I want my baby back), Dah-be-dum, etc.,

Technically speaking, 'Black' isn't a is the absorbtion of all colours, just as 'white' is the reflection of all colours and therefore is not a colour either.
I just thought I'd share that with you...Gosh, is that the time !?!
black and white aren't colours. well, thats what we are told in german schools.
thats exactly the difference between the definition of a word and how people use them. thats sometimes very interesting.

but i know what you mean, dont worry :)
Golly (un P.C. ?), this is fun. it's like my favourite art's site; but with a 'fire' engine !
If you wanted to produce 'true' black or white you would have to have (sic)access to ultra-violet and infra-red the rest of the dark/light spectrum.
My head hurts

:spin: :spin: :spin: :life: :whogives:
talking of the war.... there is a spitfire fly past near us this afternoon to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first flight, should be five of them.
Ginni, you are lucky, there is a huge model shop in Aachen, was there on a Sunday and it was shut! Do you have a Panda then? Your English is superb, better than most of ours!
nuovapanda said:
Your English is superb, better than most of ours!
Eh!?... anyways... colours, depends how they are constructed... ask a printer you'll get one answer, ask a painter you'll get another... ask anyone who works with computers.. and you'll get one quite similar to the painter but not as boring.

it's just colours at the end of the day... innit.