Technical George wont go??????

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Technical George wont go??????

Mar 4, 2006
Isle of Wight
Well all is done and finished so i thort....
Got him fired up no problem went for a test drive to get petrol, came back to my garage to finish off, And now he wont start :cry: ...
Just keeps turning over and over with nothing there not even firing..
When you turn the ignition on the fuel pump isn't even kicking in,
Ive checked the fuel pump with a direct live and all seems fine there,

All the wirring which i added i have checked and seems ok,
Was wondering about a certain two pin connector located on the bulk head near the fuel relay and main relay, the wires are blue/white and green/black what is this for and does it control the fuel pump in any way....

So im at a bit of a loose end at the moment... Can anyone help PLEASE!!!..

Here he is all done and dusted looking proud (shame it wont go)

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Probably either your crank sensor has failed or bad connection, or the fuel relay is faulty. When you crank the engine over, test the crank sensor [plug connector near header tank] to see if its sending a signal. and bypass the fuel relay and see if it starts. Not got an immobiliser on it?

Try squirting some brake cleaner into the throttle housing and see if the car tries to start.
Have you checked the crank sensor to see if its sending a signal?