Technical gearbox mounts

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Technical gearbox mounts


Jan 7, 2006
Looking for some advice on replacing these. had a look under the car an have identified one. there is some play, but how can i be sure that this is the problem. (i am having a grinding/knocking noise when accelerating - and another member reckons it could be this) Should i replace both the mounts, and where is the other. the one i have identified sits below the brake fluid reservoir area. has an arm from the gearbox casing which sits on the underside of the mount.

is there anyway to test these need replaced when the car is on ramps.

Is there any problems to watch out for while changing them
front gearbox mount on mine was dead.just replaced it though the cars still of the road.
must be a common one as my dealer had it in stock for a change.
not a big job but as mine was so shot i struggled to remove the centre bolt and it sheared so im waiting for a replacement bolt