Technical Gear Selector Problem?

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Technical Gear Selector Problem?


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Oct 4, 2007
While changing gears from 1 to 2, if I am not careful the gear stick can get lost near the 2nd gear... Little hard to explain so I have made a quick pic. The black is obviously the normal route the gear change should be, then the red is where the stick seems to get lost.


If i dont move it back into second carefully the whole gear change messes up. It allows me to move the gear stick freely, in circles or what ever. It then can only access gears 3, 4 and reverse. Then I have to take the gear selector out and put it back in place, which can be a pain because im no mechanic.

But what is causing the problem? Any ideas? :bang:
I had the same problem when i bought my punto, but in my case it wouldnt spring back into nutral, what sorted my problem out was, the gear selecter was stiff, so i disconnected the gear stick, took out the gear selector, got this sand paper material from halfords for cars, which i used to scrape of the dired oil, then used so grease and its has been fine from now on 10 months down the line. hope you get it sorted mate. :)
It all looks clean in the gear selector... No dry oil or anything...

I kinda got use to driving it with the problem, but when it happens it happens at the worst times. All linkage looks fine, so I really dont know.

Back out to do it again now :bang:
Will give this a go... Although stiffness is not my problem, its the gear selector slipping out of place.