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General Gear box oil question

Aug 8, 2006
Ayr, Scotland
OK so drove 300miles non stop, plus loads of slow driving and gear changes through roadworks etc,

What was happening near the end last 70miles or so was that the gearbox started feeling slightly 'notchy', the following day drove it and it was perfect.

I'm guessing it was just because the gearbox oil is old and needing changed, and as it was getting hot, and because it is old its not doing its job as it should. Am i right? I'm going to change the oil and also the clutch/brake fluid too, i assume dot5 for the fluid but what grade for the gear oil? Anything else i should be checking? Obviously i'll bleed the system.

Its a Punto JTD 2001 72Kish on the clock.

When you drain your old gearbox oil check for metal filings, if non then go ahead and use standard oil recommended 70-80 weight by fiat ZC FIAT 80/S. If you have metal fillings or dust in your oil, go ahead and use a heavy weight oil like 80-90w FIAT ZC 90, if your trans tends to chatter while driving then the heavy weight will help to quieten it down.

As for the break system and clutch system Dot 3 is fine with a full bleed and replace every 2 years. but DOT4 or 5 is fine to.

PS always inspect brake lines for leaks, and gearbox also, might want to do some new seals also while your down there.


dot 4 would be my choice, dot5 can cause problems with silicone formation if mixed with dot4 or 3 so its best to stick to the recommended dot4.

the bad gearchange may have been due to the gearbox overheating, i would replace the gear oil. it may also be the beginning of a slave cylinder leak so check your brake fluid level and look for any sign of a leak on the clyinder. when a leak first starts it can cause slightly notching gear change when there is some air in the slave cylinder.