Technical Gear box oil leak :(

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Technical Gear box oil leak :(


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Sep 23, 2007
I,ve got a bit of an oil leak i've been told it looks like its from the gearbox but i haven't got a clue where to start :confused:
Anybody else had this problem?????
Where to i check the gearbox oil?????
yep i had this problem a while ago and resulted in new gearbox seals but i also had my gearbox rebuilt so i would so its just the seals m8y.
Yey someone else with the same problem :p. Mines leaking from the offside driveshaft I think. You will need to get it up on a lift to see where its leaking.
My mechanic told me that my gearbox is leaking (he had it on a lift to replace rear suspension and front shocks), but that it wasn't too bad at the moment, and because it would "cost a bomb", I should leave it for the time being.

Problem is, I have a feeling it's leaking on to my clutch (which was replaced about 8 months ago) as I have a clutch shudder first thing when the car is cold, and then when I'm driving, every now and then it feels as if someone's pulled the handbrake on for a split second. It's not so much a hesitation, more like when you're towing someone and they brake. Does that make sense?

Does this mean I'll need to replace my gearbox? If so, what sort of cost can I expect? (N Reg, 55SX). I cannot do it myself.
if the clutch was replaced it's likely one of the drive shaft seals was damaged or ripped as the drive shafts were put back

these are cheap and easy to replace andare fitted with the box in the car no need to remove

your clutch judder is probably down to a cheap clutch the borgbeck ones fiat use are quite prone to this valeo is much better

if the input shaft oil seal was leaking it would not contaminate the clutch just run out the bottom of the bell housing

do you smell oil burning after you come to rest or open the door after a drive
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