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Technical Funny goings on.....


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Jun 23, 2003
United Kingdom.
Coming home just now in my mk2 sporting and a weird thing happened. In the dark and wet driving along at 70mph the lights and everything seemed to cut out for a second and the car juddered a bit then the car went OK straight away but the code light come on on the dash. I have restared the car since and the code light has gone out now. It was a bit scary lol. Anyone got any ideas?
this is what happens with this modern shte, all electrical bullcok problems, no real mans work type problems!!

There seems to have been a lot of gripe with mk2's and injector warning lights in the last two weeks, do you reckon the fiat garages are broadcasting some kind of signal for them all to fail?
You have lost voltage for some reason. The sensors on the engine work on figures based on them getting a supply between 12 and 14 volts. If they get something outside that range then the fault light comes on. As soon as its gone, so has the fault.

Everytime you restart the car the ECU reboots anyway.

Didn't go through a big puddle, did you?