Technical Fuel Tank Leak

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Technical Fuel Tank Leak


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Sep 27, 2007
Hi all.

I know this problem has been covered many times before here. The fuel tank is leaking on my late 98 Sei. I phoned the local dealer (not the dealer it was bought from) and asked if it could be fixed under the recall for free. He told me that the recall had expired and I would have to pay for it (£365 fitted, £240 for the part).

So, first question, can a recall expire? If there was a recall and my car was not fixed do they still not have to honour the recall, even it I am a bit late in asking?

If I do have to get a new tank any reccomendations on where to buy one cheap? I'd expect to be bale to pick one of for under £100 and do a DIY job on it as it seems straight forward.

Thanks for any advice given
Depends on dealers. JR took his into a local dealer who wouldn't do anything. He took it into my local dealer, who contacted FIAT UK, and had it done under warranty.

Mine was NEVER in a recall, but was done on good faith, after the dealer sent pics off to FIAT UK who gave the OK.

Then the replacement tank leaked after fitting, and they put ANOTHER new tank all is fine :)

I think some dealers just can't be arsed to follow it up or want to make a ££.