General fuel pump - primary malfunction

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General fuel pump - primary malfunction


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Feb 24, 2005
I need some advice
The engine management light has been coming on every now and then so I took it to a auto electrician who hooked it up to a computer, the computer said that the fuel pump has a primary malfunction and it would cost around £500 to be fixed.
I have 2 questions -
1. does this price seem o.k?
2. I have been driving around with this light coming on for the past 3 months, but have not noticed anything different in performance, can I continue to drive the ulysse with the light on?
It is a 2001, 2.0 litre diesel.

Thank you for your help and time
Hi I'm getting the same problem with the engine management light coming off and on/ I got it checked and was told it was the fuel pressure regulator?
I have the same model 2001 2.0 tds ulysse . The performance has not changed so I have done nothing about it?

Have you made any progress in sorting the probem.
i have the petrol version, and the light kept coming on,off etc for months and today its given up the ghost and died, right in middle of traffic lights with my trailer on the back and hundreds of confused motorist wondering why i had parked in the middle of the road!! it sounds expensive but if i was you i would either pay now or pay later!! :slayer: