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Technical Fuel Injectors, Cleaning


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Nov 30, 2005
Hi all,

A few months ago i posted a thread about a missfire problem i have on a 2001 Bravo 1.6 ( . Needless to say the problem still persists (all be it intermitentley, clears sometimes when the engine is hot and its switched off and then restarted), but i have definatley narrowed it down to a fuel injector problem. A guy from the AA spent the best part of 2 hours looking at it and discounted ignition components (all of which have been replaced anyway), leaving him to summise that it must be a sticky or faulty fuel injector on cylinder 3 (this might be old news to some of you but apparently if the injector is not letting enough or letting too much fuel through the ECU will automatically shut down that cylinder, according to the aa diagnostic computer).

My question is; the haynes manual is absolutley no use when it comes to info on working on the injector system and i have no experience of working on injector systems either, however, if i had some even basic instruction on how to get the relevant parts off so i can clean the injectors i might be able to end this problem (i have done a search but havn't come accross any instruction anywhere on working on the injectors).

I know in an ideal world i should let a professional deal with it but to be honest i've just spent $550 fixing my motorbike and i just don't have the cash available to take it to a garage.

Is this job do-able, and can anybody give me some practicle advice?

Thanks in advance
Testing injectors requires specialist equipment to monitor the spray pattern,later systems are (literally)deadly because of the high pressures,injectors are about £60each by the way for your car.
if you go over on there are a couple of guys on there that have done this kind of work themselves, including getting new injectors from a scrappy and replacing them) if you post up on there someone will be able to help by showing / explaining the best way of stripping it down. state the engine and it will be a whole lot easier for them to direct you in the right direction