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General Fuel economy

Qubo libre

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Nov 19, 2023
I’m new with a 61 plate Trekking 1.3mj diesel. Performance seems okay and I recently had the egr valve replaced. I only get 43mpg with a roads and motorway. Even using a light right foot.
It’s a manual. Do others get much more and should I therefore start checking some things over?
Definitely seem a bit low

Are any of the brake discs warmer then normal?

Does it smell funny like the sofa could be regenning a lot
Brakes not binding but yes, bit of a smell and some white smoke. Coolant level steady and I don’t think head gasket is gone.
Sounds like it could be dpf issue you'd need to get reading from the ECU to see the pressures and clogging level's
I’ll plug in and check dpf info. Local (reliable) garage did full service and oil and the egr replacement. Should have reset necessary stuff but I’ll double check.
fan running regularly? What does this suggest? Thx all