FTP Server backup

Apr 30, 2006
Middle o' no where
At work we have two SBS '03 Servers, Now they are used to host a website and to hold all the files within the building. ATM were using these horrible tape things and im pretty forgetful when it comes to one of the offices.

So i was wondering about FTP/SFTP Backup. Anyone use one? can you recommend me a host to where i can securely store data?

One of the servers contains marketing stuff, the website and so on. But the other server contains very confidential data of clients, All Insolvency related. So it would need to be extremely secure and such.

This is only an idea for now but after a bit of info before i go much further.

Only one ive found thats good so far is fasthosts.



Mr Pedantic
Mar 2, 2005
Are these offices in the same building, or in separate buildings?

If you want security then FTP itself is of no use.

I would have thought you've got (at least) three options:

1) Look at commercial services who will require you to install a piece of software which then backs up your data to their servers. Depending upon how much data you have, and how much this data changes, you might find that the pricing is pretty steep, or that your internet connection is clogged up all night (and maybe all the next day) uploading the changed files. I've investigated a few of these solutions, and they've all either been very expensive, or the software has distinctly unimpressed me. Another thing to consider is that if your building burns down, how quickly can you get your data back off them? If they're storing 20GB of your documents, will they send you a copy on DVD in the event of a disaster, or will you have to restore them at some crappy download speed?
The only one that I have thought I would use was rsync.net

2) If you have your offices in separate buildings, connect them via VPN and back the servers up to each other. If you had "normal" Windows server (rahter than SBS) I'd say do that and join them in the domain, then use DFS and FRS to keep all the documents at both sites. That would also mean that users wouldn't lose access to the documents in the event of server failure (in theory).

3) Remember to change the tapes :p

Stu DemonD

Super LOL!
Sep 12, 2003
All my business files, plus a few other personal ones, get backed up daily to Barclays via my business banking package :)

Of course, the volume isn't great, but peace of mind. It all works seamlessly in the background, so don't even know it is running.


The Boss
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Mar 16, 2002
FTP is no good no, but SFTP or FTPS would be fine.

Fasthosts are awful - look somewhere else.