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General Freemont (AU) - Seat Covers?


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Feb 17, 2019

We have just become Fiat owners, with the 2014 Freemont Crossroad 7 seater SUV (aka Dodge Journey). Certainly a step up from our 2004 Holden Zafira, and indeed the most expensive non-house purchase we've ever made!

With 3 kids from 3 to 11yo, we are keen to find some good car seat covers.

We can find plenty of generic options, but was wondering if anyone knew of specific-built covers for this car? With all its storage options, it would be a shame to have to put on a cover that would then render them useless.

Am happy to import from US/UK to Australia if that's the best option. I get the feeling the car is not common over here. From a pricing perspective - I'd be willing to pay around AU$300-$500 to cover the front 2 and middle 3 seats - not fussed about the rear 2 as we don't expect them to see much action.

Cheers n thanks


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It's not available at in the UK so you won't get any from here
That being said it seems to be a rebranded dodge journey so you may have look with getting seat covers for them
Can't see them changing the seats from the different models having been changed
You'd have to do some research first however
Thanks for the reply.

Yes - have been trying "Dodge Journey" too in the hope that helps - I figure there's probably been more sold under that name than Fiat Freemont... (But that's based on zero research :) )

We might just get some custom made... spoke to a guy from AutoBarn today who recommended a company in Melbourne - cost around $250 per row, so think we'll get custom front row, and then just a generic for the "middle row".

I'll keep looking first though in case there is something specific out there. :)