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General free panda required!!


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Oct 22, 2004
Sunderland and LakeDistri
I am going to go ahead with my uno turbo powered panda project but I need two pandas at least to work from. Engine is sorted, but a rolling chassis is required.

So if you have a panda (the older the better, I love them!) that really isn't worth it anymore and you are in the northeast I will take it on and hopefully get one or two pandas out of it back on the road!!
I see you are in Cumbria, I have a bit of a dented rolling shell in Workington (it was picked up by chains through the doors) that I bought as a parts car and all but engine gearbox alt starter motor have been removed but if you want it you can have it. But as it came from a field it was infested by field mice so smells a bit :yuck:

But it is for free.
no way your in egrement!! I used to live there about 4years ago, fell view drive, an alright place, and from my house, I had to walk about 40yards into a field, and then I could walk/ride (mountain bike) for miles and miles, all I had to do was duck under the 595 and cross cold fell pass! (avoiding sellafield traffic of course).

I will be back in west cumbria (dearham) next weekend, might be worth my look, but I doubt the punto will tow it that far (sunderland) and the AA won't tow it is f there is no engine. Worth a look still!! Just to see what I am letting myself in for.
Bigrigg....There is an engine in it but no dash heating unit etc. Its at broughs I'll take a pic tomorrow to let you see.
I'm afraid it's been picked on by vultures (I did say to the bloke he could sell bits for letting me use his yard :( but never expected anyone to get to it so quick) But the shell seems ok and the engine etc is still there not that you want to use it anyway. I doubt you will still be interested but if you are I'll find some wheels.


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Sorry :eek: But in my defence it was rotting in a field and the heating unit was a direct transplant saving the sisley from rotted floors n carpets.

Without taking it out it would have served no purpose whatsoever and would have just melted into the ground where it stood as the previous owner has known to have done several times with other cars till the environment agency turned up and told him to move it.
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it actually doesn't look that bad, is it at the yard between the railway and halfrauds? in workington or is it somewhere else.
It looks mostly there and despite its hanging around on a truck its not too bad!

archs on this side look good too!!!

I won't stand a chance of saving it this wkd, as I haven't got my volvo yet (towbar fitted (y) ) and I would be able to borrow a trailer and ship it back someplace warm :)

I'll have a look this weekend and see what needs what! But its one of the better pandas I have seen!