1500 (For Sale) Fiat 1500 front windscreen

Calvin Billett

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Feb 18, 2017
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Fiat 1500 front windscreen - Fiat 1500 front windscreen

Hi Guys

If there is anyone out there busy with a Fiat 1500 restoration and they need a front windscreen maybe I can help. I have a cracked one that you can have for free. Don't say ha ha you can use this as a template to make a new one.
You will not find a new windscreen anywhere in the world believe me I tried. I may also have an intact one as well so feel free to contact me The problem with these things is the shipping but if you need give a me a shout who knows??

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I thought I saw someone looking recently, that might have been a 1200. Are they the same screen?
Yes it was you... sorry. You must have resolved your screen. Where did you get yours done?
Great post by the way and very generous to offer this.
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