Technical floppy gear stick only two gears doh!!!

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Technical floppy gear stick only two gears doh!!!


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Nov 10, 2009
hi all help needed please. gear stick suddenly went floppy and i can only select 3rd and 4th. is there a linkage gone? can someone show me a pic of underneath the gearstick gaiter should look like please. thanks. dean.
its 899cc 1994 cinq sx.
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Rallycinq's solution is most likely. Next up is one of the clips at either end falling off.
If it's what we think it should be easy enough to get it back together. How long it'll stay that way depends on the condition of the parts. Should be able to get them from a scrappy for very little, anyway (or a lot from FIAT!).
its all good a gearbox end. but underneath the gearstick one of the levers seems to have snapped, iv sourced a complete linkage from a breakers for £25.00. i can see it being a hard long job as exhaust and heat shield etc have to be removed. :bang:
from the above picture its number 1 cable and its broken where it connects to the ball at the bottom of lever.
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No need to remove the exhaust and gubbins. Use a peice of clothes line (plastic coated stuff from the pound shop is good): tie to to the end of the cable being removed and you can then use it to pull the new one through. Simples! ;)