FLI Trap Active 12 cheap

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FLI Trap Active 12 cheap

Cheapest I can find so far is 130 on CAD.................
paulbfd said:
You could get a much better setup than that for not much more, of course you have to know where to look ;)

*cough* TA Exchange *cough*
cinqysxmk2 said:
Where can I get one for less than £100?

Well I know this guy from down the pub, and he says give him £50 and he'll get you anything you want. Must be some sort of bargain-hunter :confused: :p
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cheers buddy, I've had a look and may still consider that one, however it seems like they only do the darker carpet version now, and the one I have is a lighter grey... d'oh! may have to stick with one for now or get another speaker and get a double box to put it in, aswell as a 400wRMS amp...