Technical *FIXED* 1.9 JTDM Sporting (Prob 3) Engine misfires around 2000rpm

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Technical *FIXED* 1.9 JTDM Sporting (Prob 3) Engine misfires around 2000rpm


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May 1, 2020
Sorted just before posting the other 2 probs but as its sorted i thought id add it for future searches.

For as long as both me and me dad have had the car (roughly 8yrs) the car has always misfired, stuttered and held back a bit from around 1800-2000rpm.
It was generally worse once warm and ran perfect once you pushed past the 2k rpm mark.
Always passed emissions on MOTs, and over the years we had tried everything from new CAT and exhaust, different fuel stations to see if it was crappy supermarket diesel to just about every type of fuel injector cleaner on the market.
Never threw up any error messages or codes either.

I now have the car and live in France so as i was getting the car ready for its CT (french mot but only every 2 yrs! :)) i came across this stuff linked, on offer in the supermarket.
Its a 2 part thing but after using the first one (Anti fume) the car was cured and for the past month (although i did use the 2nd part) hasnt had the snag again.

If your having the same snag having tried injector cleaner already it would be worth giving the anti fume stuff a try. Its cheap enough and only took about 10miles after adding the stuff before i noticed the misfire had gone.