Technical fitting door pods

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Technical fitting door pods


Feb 2, 2006
North London
Hi Guys,

Where do i route the speaker wire for the door pods? Cant see any room to get them into the body of the car so i can connect them to the amp.

Any ideas?
The leccy window wires must go guess is through that black bit in the door hinge area. Normally wires feed through that sorta area to the main shell.
Thats what i thought, i opened it up and its some funny connection thing, no room for a wire...
in that could make a new hole...just be careful where you drill, make sure the wire won't get caught the door when it opens/shuts.....and FFS use rubber grommits to stop the wire rubbing against where you drilled.
Right, unscrewed the screws and the 2 bolts.
Now come across a problem. Have to take the card fully off to make a hole in it tofit the speakers as they are slightly bigger. I cant take them off as the electric window wires are there and i cant see how to unplug them.

How do i get around this?

Where can i get the grommits from?