Technical fitting a universal exhaust DIY (mk1)

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Technical fitting a universal exhaust DIY (mk1)


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Nov 21, 2004
been seraching for an hour and can't find a thread relating to this directly so...

how easy is it fit a universal back box to a MK1 60s?

on demon tweaks it gives you an option of differnt inlet diameters, i presume finding the closest match or a match is the easiest way.

fianlly, what does this entail?
i know i should measure twice and cut once anyone else done this who can giveme some advice,

as per usual you guys are a great help, so, thanks in advance
You'll need the correct bore size to match that of your current exhaust

Problem on a punto is that the cat-back section is one complete section so you will have to hacksaw this apart just before the backbox, unless you plan on fitting a new centre section

The theory would be you exhaust clamp it to the the centre section, have some sort of lugs/rods so that they slot into the exhaust mounting rubber, then its just adjusting so it fits right

I would seriously consider buying a direct fit, as this is v.easy to fit yourself
cheers, its just i've seen a back box i like its £60 and just 3" and its descreet and not too loud, i just want a nice tight purring sound.

the full systems are twice the money, hmm might take a rain check and save the pennies - anyone want o buy my mint maverick x-1 guiatr with case for £250 :p