Fitting 2007 Fiat 500 Door Handles to a 1995-2001 Fiat Bravo

The Bravo handles as we all know rot with age. You can go for Marea hard plastic handles, Alfa 147 handles which have a gap between the bodywork and handle or original replacements that will rot again. I present to you the latest option Fiat 500 handles! When I was looking at a 500 in the showroom I realised the handle had all the right proportions so would most likely fit.

They are made by Valeo. The mechanism design is Identical to Alfa 147 handles The added bonus these handles give is being completely flat so they will fit flush with your body work. They are made out of plastic that has been metalised, a process where plastic is coated with a metal. The finish is a very nice mirror chrome.

0735485872 RHD Right Side Handle (has key hole)
0735485875 LHD Left Side Handle (has key hole)

If you wish to de-lock the passenger side order all right hand drive parts. If you wish to de-lock both sides then obviously you can order a mixture of left hand drive and right hand drive parts.


I think it’s a shame the pin that holds the handle mechanism is not removable like the old handles because this prevents you completely disassembling the handle.

[BREAK=Preparing The Handles]
First remove the white handle rod clip. This is fairly easy, I pinched the tabs together with some long nose pliers. Keep this part you will need it later.

Second remove the lock rod. This could go very wrong if you don’t take some care. Make sure you do not brake the black part of the lock unfortunately it is only plastic. First lift the white clip and move the rod from under it, then the rod will just drop off. You are left with the white clip inside the black lock mechanism. Carefully squeeze the tabs together and it pops out easily if you get it just right.

[BREAK=Modifying The Handle Rod Connection]
The big different between these handles and the originals is the Handle rod connection. This causes two problems 1. The size causes it to hit the window runner and 2. The rod connects to the wrong side of the handle.

I think the large piece of metal is there to add extra theft protection or to add weight in the handle pull mechanism. Either way its got to go for our use. It is relatively easy with a hacksaw though the metal is quite dense so a good hack saw blade is needed.

First cut off this section of the metal. Put some masking tape over the mechanism to stop filings getting everywhere.

Half way through the cut.

All the way off, You may need to file the back down to smooth off any sharp edges and level it out with the rest of the part.

Next you need to cut off the part that interferes with the window runner.

I filed down the sharp edges to prevent any paintwork accidents.

Next you need to remove the lock cover, this will give you a hell of a lot more manoeuvrability when fitting the handle to the car. . Take out the three smaller Philips screws, for the rearward one turn the black lock mechanism to the side. When the screws are out you can separate the metal base from the chrome body by a few centimetres. I found using cable ties to pin the handle mechanism in the open position is very handy.

Open it up and you will see a white plastic body held into the chrome outer body by four clips. The rear two clips are very easy to undo with a small screwdriver I just pushed the white tabs inwards.

The front two are a little harder to undo. Imagine this is still connected where you see the flat head screwdriver here I turned it clockwise against the white insert . This let the clips pop free.

You should be left with two hopefully unbroken parts.

[BREAK=Fitting To The Car]
Removal of originals

You will obviously need to remove the door card first. On the end of the door is a torx bolt holding the handle remove this. Inside the door panel is a 10mm bolt holding the front of the handle.

Silde the handle forward towards the front of the car then pull it away from the door towards you. Next you have to remove the rods from the handle, put simply this is a nightmare and you will just have to do it your own way. I did it without causing any damage. You can leaver the handle rod of the door handle with a screwdriver from inside the door. Then remove the locking rod from the handle and the door mechanism.

Now remove the two plastic rod clips and fit them to the new handle. You should also have two spare originals in case you brake any.

Prise the lock barrel retaining pin from your original handle to get the barrel out.

You may need to wind the handle rod adjustment up a little so that the handle closes completely.

Now to the most miserable and difficult job I have ever performed on my car, Fitting the handles. I removed the back lower electric window rail, its just two 10mm bolts. Then remove this plastic support shown here, it is just one 10mm bolt.

Then you can undo the three torx bolts holding the latch mechanism. This will give you enough freedom to remove the locking rod. Fit the locking rod to the handle then fit the handle to the car without the barrel cover.

Back inside the door you will be able to fit the locking rod to the locking mechanism. Then you will be able to make any final adjustments to the handle rod and fit it to the handle.

Check everything works, and never ever leave the key in the car because it will lock itself if things are not perfect.

Finally fit the lock cover and put everything back as it should be. Well done that was extremely difficult.

Thank to;
The Sultan for fitting a set first.

Downloadable PDF Version View attachment Guide-500-Handles.pdf
[BREAK=To Paint]
First remove the front hinge and weather seal, this is just one Philips screw.

I used cable ties to hold the handles in the open position. You can then paint in all the gaps with ease.

I wont give any advice on actually painting because it is a highly skilled art that I am certainly no master of. Check prices at your local bodyshop, your cost in materials vs a bodyshop price will not be that big.


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Jan 2, 2013
I mounted the Fiat 500 handle on my Bravo but this is the result:

Is that space normal?
It makes noise during the trip because of the air :(
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Adrian Bravo

Adrian Bravo

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Mar 13, 2008
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I mounted the Fiat 500 handle on my Bravo but this is the result:

Is that space normal?
It makes noise during the trip because of the air :(

Hello Wakka,

Your handle looks absolutely correct. The taper at the front must exist because when you open the handle the handle turns on the hinge and goes into that gap to open.

You can understand what I mean from these two pictures of my car;

Handle closed;

Handle Open;

I never have wind noise from them.