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General Fitted Air horn to my GP

Andy Monty

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Apr 30, 2006
East Yorkshire
having spotted someone on the new panda section saying how poor the horn on the panda is i decided to have a good listen to the one on my GP and it didnt exactly catch my attention... and Seeing as halfords has]thsi on offer for eighteen and a half quid i thaught i would give one a try Trust me its very very loud made my old man and a mate jump a mile when i let him listen to it (they where expecting it) and it probably saved me from having a pile up tonight when some dozey 4x4 driver pulled out on me..... well worth the money :D
there's a few peole on the forum with this horn including myself, i only paid £17 also from hellfrauds although was marked up as £18-49
Hi Andy, Any chance of you posting some pics to show us location/wiring etc.? I rather fancy that horn,the ones I have spare are too big to fit in the front grille.
This is the installation of a compact Nautilus horn fitted to my G.P.
It's on the right hand side of the engine bay as it wouldn't easily fit behind the grill.
The thread already exists but I don't know how to link to it.
You could always try searching my posts to find it.


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Is the horn easy to replace?

I must admit when I had to honk someone to stop them hitting me, it sounded girly! (n)
Did this today :) Thanks for the guide Andy!! Dont think my results as clean and tidy as BigAl's but oh well.

Frightened the life out of the Mrs first time i honked it after she insisted on telling me that it wouldnt be any louder.
theres two in my new panda, previous owner installed them to annoy the 4x4 drivers who bully you off the road.

so tempted to knock it out of gear at night, lights off and do it to a pedestrian... but that would be irresponsible:devil:
It would be, but what about just doing it accidentally. That'd just be an accident
Just a thought do any of you lot tell the MOT tester before hand lol:devil:

Even better if it's tested at a Fiat main dealer - who would get a hell of a shock when they would be expecting the weedy parp ? :devil: :ROFLMAO: