General First long(ish) trip in the cinq done! Possible minor problem :\

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General First long(ish) trip in the cinq done! Possible minor problem :\


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Feb 7, 2007
On wednesday me and my mate went to Birmingham from my house in Derby. All in all a 95mile round trip and the cinq was mostly good. But i did have one problem.... coming off an island I was in third gear, and usually when you give it some the time between 30mph and 40, then 50 isn't too bad, but I noticed I was doing (no idea how many revs, above 3500 sounding, its an 899) about 40mph and it was struggling. This was on the way back, so possibly 60 miles into the trip. My first thought was 'engine overheating' so I put the heaters on full blast, am I being stupid in thinking that would drag heat from the engine bay therefore cooling it down? It may have been all psychological, but i thought I'd ask just in case :)
No, putting the heater on is a good thing to cool an engine, although I doubt thats your problem.

Did the Injection light come on?

Some times an 899 when given a decent drive after a long period of not doing long drives, can get its knickers in a twist.

The light comes on and the car goes into limp mode which resticts the revs. Back off for a bit, it sorts it self out and off you go again.

Check your fuel filter.


Ah thanks for the reply:) I looked at all the lights on the dash, but none were lit up, I think the problem was in my head in that case lol. Although I did back off when I saw only 40mph 3rd gear struggling, so I might have not noticed the light. I'll check it out, thanks!