Fiat Window Tints at Night

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Fiat Window Tints at Night


Jul 17, 2007
Im thinking about getting my mk1 punto (midnight blue) tinted, I just wondered how much of a difference it makes to driving at night? Also just wondered what tints would suit the punto best ('cuz i cant find any pics of a tinted midnight blue 1)

The tint will make it a bit more difficult to see at night, how much will depend on how dark you decide to tint your car and also whether or not you do your front windows i personally prefer a tinted car as the tints also help to prevent the lights from other cars dazzling you in your mirrors.
try wearing sunglasses in your car at night in un tinted windows and that should give you a rough idea of what it should be like:)
It doesn't really affect driving at night - most of the time you'll be looking forward anyway.

Tinted windows do make a car look sexier at night (y)
hurry and get it tinted before you grow up, you might as well get a good use out of them before you see the light.
Certain tint levels are illegal so seek advice before going ahead and wasting £££

My advice as a coper :p and with ever changing rules on the front windows just don't tint them at all.

I have my rear/back windows fully blacked out and they look great and the vision out of the back is no way as bad as a lot of people make out. Since most roads have street lights etc not like there is 0% light around other then just someones car headlights so heh.

Only thing I don't like about it is when can see a hot girl behide me in my mirror sometimes can't see them mega clearly heh XD